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Clients of Amy Stevens rave about her talent in helping people transform their lives and businesses. Amy easily identifies key weaknesses in your work strategies or structure, and offers creative insights and useful suggestions to help your organization more productive.

Do You Need Amy’s Help?

If you are struggling with:

  • Personnel problems or crucial hiring decisions
  • Critical financial matters
  • Unmotivated personnel
  • Establishing a new Wellness Program
  • Choices that are affecting your business, personal health, and/or relationships
  • Lack of direction for your business or your personal passion

You need help from a leader with strategic insights

Amy Stevens can help you navigate through the tasks at hand and find answers to the questions you and your business face on a daily basis. Amy is a reliable, trustworthy confidante, team member, and strategic leader for your business. She can help you establish a roadmap for positive change to help you achieve your best and highest objectives.

Amy has over 20 years of experience in the consulting industry. Her success as a life coach, mentor, and consultant is based primarily on her diverse skills and innate ability to approach a situation from a unique perspective and offer new, creative solutions.

Who needs Amy Stevens Consulting

Let Amy Stevens help you.

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How Amy Stevens Works

How Amy Stevens Works

At first impression, Amy is a very calm listener. With years of experience fine-tuning her skills, she is able to provide outside, targeted insights outlining your choices and their possible outcomes. No matter how emotional your situation, Amy can help you find the clarity you need to plan out a successful course of action.

Amy’s consulting work is tailored via phone, email, or in person at her Atlanta, GA office. She is flexible as to the best methods to communicate and it gives her greater objectivity when helping her clients.

Amy has a strong client base across a wide range of industries and spanning generations – all consider her to be a very valuable player on their team. Most of Amy’s business comes from client referrals. Most clients claim that the guidance they received over the years has been “spot on” ~ or how it helped them tremendously to be able to handle a difficult situation, business situation, or learn how to better communicate and focus on their goals and outcomes.

For Current Rates

Please call Amy at +1 404-414-5979 or email her to obtain her current rate and fee schedule for various services offered. Payment per hour can be made via VISA, MasterCard, or debit card. Fees can be hourly or on a retainer basis.

About Amy Stevens

Amy Stevens has a broad range of talent and experience. She describes her current primary duties as managing human resources for a customized software developer with worldwide sales. She is experienced at HR and payroll services, managing personnel issues, working with attorneys on legal issues, handling contractors and partner relationships, and managing global offices, insurance benefits, and wellness programs.

“I help new clients that are trying to establish a company from abroad and open their establishment/business in the United States, ” she explains. “Needless to say, I like working with international companies opening these new businesses successfully.”

Amy Stevens graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Communications. Amy also has a Real Estate License in Georgia. She has built subdivisions, sold homes and assisted with relocation clients (from foreign countries). Amy is a CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) and GREEN certified in residential real estate. She was the founder of the Atlanta Board Of Realtors GREEN community group/forum.

On a personal level, Amy likes clean eating, healthy living, fitness and working out. She gardens and also practices yoga, tai chi and other wellness/health related activities. She is a former U.S. figure skater silver medalist.

“I am constantly expanding my awareness to be the best I can be as I venture through life. I am striving to expand my life with the way I think, what I do, how I do it while making a better world for myself and others.”

Amy Stevens

Let Amy Stevens help you.

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Amy Stevens Testimonials
I found Amy to be very accurate as to my current situation. She gave my inner voice validation. I feel exhilarated and energized. I felt more confident in myself and my feelings.
Collette Espino Uruguay


Amy Stevens has been a tremendous resource. Her special insight is heaven sent (literally) and has helped me effectively deal with issues ranging from business decisions to relationships.

President , Atlanta-based Public Relations Firm

Amy Stevens is incredible! She has been so right with everything she has told me. Amy is a true inspiration and has given me the confidence to achieve my goals.
Misty Malter

Calabasas, CA.

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